Friday, January 22, 2010

Feature Week 2- Wisdom/ Inner Strength

Wisdom is what our elders hope for the young to obtain, yet can't obtain it without your knowledge of where you have gone. My grandmother used to speak these words often, yet I never really understood them until I was 19.  When you are young, you are constantly learning and developing your mind, training yourself for tomorrow and retaining pertinent information.  Whenever I write about wisdom I think of where I have been and what I have learned from it, and how I could of done things different.  As you read through this post I hope you can relate to some of these poems that my friends and I have wrote.

maranatha- One Step At A Time- Wisdom is something learned and adjusted to see what is true, and not by what we hear from the voices in our head.
maranatha- What Will You Teach Him- A child learns more by what he see rather than what he is told.
alc- A Father's Fairwell- A poem from a father looking back at his daughter's life.

Let him who would move the world, first move himself.
- Socrates

Inner strength is one of the most important traits that you may obtain in life. It depicts who you are and what challenges you may overcome. Any battle can be fought and life's challenges are altered by your personality and your way in thinking from the power of what you obtain from within. Every day you mentally grow stronger, it's just whether you decide to use it, that determines if you truly understand what type of a person you really are.
Trials and tribulations are something you can never hide from, ignore, or decide not to pursue. Everyone has their own unique set and outcomes are never the same. The approach in which you decide to take determines your guilt, that in which will follow in the future, and the outcome can never be changed nor forgotten. T&T is one of the most important journeys that anyone can manage to overcome, from experience comes Wisdom, and with Wisdom comes Strength. 

alc- My Soul Is Blue- A poem of searching for inner strength and emotional battles that may come in the way.

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