Wednesday, January 13, 2010



No matter the language, sex, ethnic background,
We speak as one.
Inspiration that's uncovered from trials and tribulations,
Expressing ourselves all the same as we thrive as one.
Fighting battles, some conquered others lost,
War is worth living as long as we write as one.


I wasn't sure, oh no,
no, I wasn't sure,
how my love could be so bored,

she stud apon my open flame,
pooring down her open fame,
yes, she was a score,
to every man that wanted more,

I loved her still with no remorse,
regardless of her silent curse,
a deeper cut left her scares to my skin,
until my heart could stand not a single sin,

I was done,
but I wanted still to love her more,
but my heart forebade it,
ever more.
-Namzah Najeullah

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